The livin’ is easy

Sunshine through cloud

I’ve always been nesh. I feel the cold. Not great for someone who lives in THE DRAUGHTIEST HOUSE IN THE WORLD. At work, I was the one with a shawl. As a teenager, I had permanent third degree burns down my spine from leaning against my bedroom radiator.
So I am loving this heat. It is 23 degrees in the kitchen this morning – it never gets that warm there, even when we have the radiators on for a solid week.
Anyone who moans that it is too ‘sticky’ obviously has a metabolism problem and should move to Greenland.
It’s not hard. Here are the reasons why it’s cool to be hot:

The sun in a blue sky

Here comes the sun, do do doo doo…

  • No pernickity tucking in of curtains around the radiator, or stopping the blind at exactly the right spot to maximise the paltry amount of heat limping into the room.
  • In fact, no need to close the curtains AT ALL – let the moonlight flood in.
  • No need for long muddy dog walks, as the dog is both big and black and can’t walk for panting in the heat.
  • No need to cook. A lettuce leaf, a tomato, a slice of cucumber, a bag of crisps, a pickled egg and pork pie and you have a salad. (Look, no-one ever said it had to be a healthy salad).
  • No need for expensive scented candles to cover up the smell of dog, cooking and desperation create an ambience. Just open the windows already.
  • No need to wear (and therefore wash, dry, iron, sort out) socks, vests, leggings, jumpers and cardigans, my wardrobe staples for most of the year.
  • Ice -cream becomes a medical necessity.
  • As does cold beer and a raspberry vodka Collins.