Every precious dream and vision underneath the stars

I am a writer, but having worked as a journalist for hundreds of years only some of it is worth reading. But the parts that are worth reading are REALLY worth reading.

I live in the sort of north and sort of east of England, and started writing fantasy to escape from the endless drudgery of housework and the bone-numbing grind of my day job as a news sub-editor. I have now left the dreadful job far, far behind, but as a result earn less money, and still have a lot of children and a lovely but decrepit house. So I need a hell of a big escape.

I am currently writing a series of fantasy novels called Shriven, and a time-travel series I somehow slipped into. What began as a distraction in December 2011 (not that I’m counting) is now 500,000+ words and four-books long.

If anyone ever pays me for them I will spend the money on raspberry vodka and a new bathroom.

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