OK, so I was very wrong about the weather…

But that’s a good thing, yes?

As soon as I posted last week, miserably predicting that the weather always collapses into dank and dismal Autumn when the new term starts, we have ourselves a genuine Indian summer.
Not only that, but one week in and we are steaming on the hottest day of the year.

This is brilliant. Instead of turning the radiators on, I just have to open the windows in order to warm up House of One Million Draughts.

Free heat! Yesssss!

But if me just saying the weather is going to get cold and horrible means the weather will get record-breakingly hot and lovely, what other Powers of Opposite Happenings does this blog have?

So here goes:

  • The Walking Dead Season 6 will NEVER make it onto Amazon Prime.
  • I’ll wake up tomorrow and my hair will be short, dry and lifeless.
  • The Government is about to make daily ironing compulsory.
  • Anyone who doesn’t have double glazing is NOT to be given a £10,000 grant and a free cardigan.
  • Scientists will discover raspberry vodka is actually a very bad thing that makes you old and fat.

Just putting these out there for starters… in a week’s time my life should be transformed.


3 thoughts on “OK, so I was very wrong about the weather…

  1. Hate these backwards things – my brain doesn’t compute them properly. So you don’t want short, dry hair, that right? Must be…thinking about it!


  2. You have them already – maybe try ‘no world peace’ next time!


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