Tricksy September Pulls A Fast One

Morning sun through a hawthorn tree

Autumn is such a trickster.
The heating is busily burning ten pound notes, the electric blanket is on the bed and my Primark fleece pyjamas have already made an appearance. It’s cold, it’s dark, it’s damp and it’s foggy. I had resigned myself to dog walks splattered with mud and flat, dull views.
And then this morning – a miserable Monday morning – my dreary duty dog walk became an almost spiritual experience.
First up, I was caught short by a field of sweetcorn garlanded with dew-iced cobwebs. The sun was just burning through the mist (see how I stopped calling it ‘fog’?) and lit up the dew.
Cobwebs in a corn field
These were no ordinary cobwebs, the kind that get in your mouth when you stumble out of the gate in the morning. These were picture-perfect Hallowe’en-ready cobwebs, as perfect as the ones you get in Poundland to stick on your window on October 31. And they looped from leaf to leaf like promenade fairy lights. So many cobwebs, so many strands of spun silver.
Leaving the cornfield behind, the sun shafted through a hawthorn tree in full berry and illuminated the mist beneath it, like a film set. Where was the fairy queen, dancing barefoot through the dew? This was too much loveliness to take on one walk.
AND THEN – I saw two deer run across the field and into some trees. DEER!
Alright Autumn, I’m sorry for dissing you. You turned me over good.


3 thoughts on “Tricksy September Pulls A Fast One

  1. Hadge says:

    Excellent, but what is this ‘electric blanket’ of which you speak? Some wizardry of which I know not?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Jo Rodgers says:

      I couldn’t quite get to grips with it myself at first, but bear with me here – there is actually a thing – a blanket – that you plug into the electricity and it warms up your bed! I know, right!! It sounds devilish, but is truly heavenly.




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